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ReScentIt Sprays are specially formulated to spray on their cowhide car freshies charms (also carried in store and online). 


* 1 oz bottle of SPECIALLY FORMULATED scented oil.

* Use only 1-2 mists on the hair side of the reSCENTit charm to reSCENT as needed.

* Customers love to mix scents and change scents on their charms.

* A bottle usually lasts a customer over a year.

* Leather scents are heavier and spray more in a straight mist.

* Take charm down and spray out of the car and rehang, DO NOT OVER SATURATE.


Available fragrances: 

King George: Leather, Night Ice & Vanilla

Beth: Hibiscus, warm amber, herbal roses, vanilla and cedarwood

Yellowstone: A clean and fresh masculine scent. Citrus and woody with a little floral and earthy musk

Rip: Clean, sexy and masculine! Imagine being in his arms. (their description, not ours LOL)

Maverick: Mountain Air, Eucalyptus, Basil and Red Wood

Rain: Clean and Refreshing Lily of the Valley and Musk

Leather and Lace: Leather, Amber Vanilla and Little Sweetness

Strawberry and Leather: The perfect blend of genuine leather and strawberries

Volcano: Sugared fruits and tropical florals

Vanilla Leather: Creamy vanilla bean and genuine leather

Mulberry: Mulberries, peach, pineapple, red berries, topped with vanilla

Leather: A true boot and saddle shop! 100% spot on!

Naked Cowgirl: A blend of leather and Butt Naked (tropical blend strawberries, coconut and cherry)


ReScentIt Spray

PriceFrom $1.00
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