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Defaid Emporium, Go Texan, Texas made food products, local food source
Old Fashioned candy, brittles, patties, clusters, peanuts, pecans
lamb meat, American lamb, Dorper lamb, local lamb meat
Cottonseed Oil, Defaid Emporium Cottonseed Oil, Roasted Garlic Cottonseed Oil, Italian Herb Cottonseed Oil, Kickin Cajun Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed Oil

Cooking With Cotton

Defaid Emporium is the home of the original Texas infused cottonseed oil. 

Defaid Livestock, Defaid Livestock lamb meat, lamb snakc stick, dried lamb sausage, American lamb, mesquite smoked lamb, jalapeno lamb

Defaid Lamb Meat

Lamb Snacks

Try some lamb snack sticks or dried sausage on your next road trip or anytime you want a quick snack. 

Defaid Candy Co, Defaid Candy, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Patties, Peanut Clusters, Pecan Brittle, Pecan Patties, Spicy Chocolate Pecan Brittle, Brittle, Clusters, Patties, Old Fashioned Candy

Defaid Candy Co

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Try our one of a kind Spicy Chocolate Pecan Brittle, our classic peanut or pecan brittles, or some of our patties or clusters. 

Bacon Bourbon BBQ Sauce, Bacon Bavarian Sauerkraut, Sauerkraut, German Sauerkraut, Chow Chow, Hot Chow Chow, Jalapeno Honey Mustard, Corn and Bell Pepper Relish, Defaid Emporium Relishes

Defaid Sauces & Relishes

Add some extra flavor

Shop the Defaid label BBQ sauces, mustards, chow chows, sauerkrauts and more. 

Pepper Jelly, jalepeno jelly, Red pepper jelly, strawberry jalepeno jelly, peach jalepeno jelly, blueberry jalepeno jelly, pecan syrup, blueberry syrup, strawberry syrup

Defaid Jellies, Preserves & Syrups

Breakfast Essentials

Shop all our Defaid label preservers, pepper jellies, syrups and fruit butters in one spot. 

Pickled okra, sweet and spicy pickled okra, spicy pickled okra, brean n butter slims, brean and butter pickles, candied jalepenos, farmhouse pickles, pickles, what'cha dill pickles, quail eggs, pickled eggs, spicy pickled eggs, spicy quail eggs

Defaid Pickled Stuff

Everything Pickled

Shop all the Defaid brand of pickled products from pickles to okra to jalapenos and more!

salsa, queso, Roasted Reaper, Six Shooter, Six Shooter Fire Roasted Salsa, Queso Blanco, Loco Queso, Queso Extreme, Mango Salsa, Peach Salsa, Pepper Patch Salsa, Chimi Changa Salsa, Salsa Traditional, Bacon Me Happy Salsa

Defaid Salsas & Quesos

Spice it up!

Defaid Emporium Salsas and Quesos range from mild to extreme heat, choose wisely!

Defaid Emporium, Red Meat Seasoning, Cactus Salt, Beer Salt, Pepper Sauce, Chipolte Sauce

Defaid Seasonings & Pepper Sauces

Lots of Flavor!

Try our house seasoning (red meat seasoning), one of a kind Cactus Salt, beer salt and pepper sauces. 

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