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The Defaid Family of businesses are family-owned and operated in Scurry County, Texas.  There are three branches of the Defaid Family, which all started with the Defaid Livestock Company, the sheep operation.   Although we have been in the sheep and goat industry for over 20 years and the agricultural industry for generations it was not until 2016 that the dream and vision for Defaid Livestock was born.  We moved the operation to primarily Dorpers, White Dorpers, and Commercial Dorper² sheep and started moving towards bringing quality lamb meat directly to the consumer.  


This lead to Brady opening Defaid Emporium in 2018, the store for Defaid Livestock.  We started with products that paired with our lamb meat, seasonings, and pepper sauce.  However, it quickly expanded into a store of Texas-made and Go Texan goods, bringing products in from across the Lone Star State into one convenient.  

Not long after Brady opened Defaid Emporium, Roxanne started Defaid Candy Company, which is also sold in the store.  She purchased the recipes from a company we in the Evans family had been selling as a fundraiser since Brady was in the 4th grade, up until Jodi graduated from high school.  Roxanne makes your favorite old fashion candy, such as peanut brittle and peanut patties, although she has added her own spin with items like spicy pecan brittle and date nut patties.  

Brady, Dan, Roxanne, & Jodi

Our Name

We wanted a unique, eye-catching name, with family history.  The Evans family can be traced back to Wales, which is where the word defaid comes from. In Welch, defaid means sheep and is pronounced more like the English word "divide."  However, we pronounce it more like its phonetical spelling, like a Texan would.


defaid family.jpg

The Story of the Photo

Brady added this photo of her great-great-grandfather's general store to the Defaid Emporium logo.  The store was owned and operated by Brady and Jodi's great-great-grandfather, A.A. Stephens (far right), and his son-in-law, Clay Beaver (far left) in the small community of Girard, Texas in the early 1900s.  Today all that remains is the foundation from the store, but we carry the family history with us from the logo to the labels. 

Stephens and Beavers Store Girard, TX .jpg
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