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Primitives By Kathy

Humorour Journals

Lined pages

6 Designs


Design 1: I'm a Nurse - I can't fix stupid but I can sedate it. 


Design 2: I'm a Mom - Seen it, smelled it, heard it, cleaned it, stepped in it... you can't scare me. 


Design 3: I'm a Teacher - Don't worry I'm not actually saying anything important up here at the front of the room...just shapping the future. 


Design 4: I'm a Hot Mess - I'm like a train wreck full of pizza, fireworks and glitter. 


Design 5: I'm kinda' a Big Deal to my dog... who thinks I'm the greatest, the smartest, the nicest human ever born. 


Design 6: I'm the Queen of my own little world - Underestimate me, that'll be fun. 


Journal (Primatives by Kathy)

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