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Lone Star Bee Company makes high quality small batch, handcrafed infused honeys.  The infused honeys are made with fresh ingredinets and come in Fiery Sweet Mesquite, Lucky Lime & Sea Salt, and Tuscan Blue Rosemary & Pepper, or if you are just looking for a good sweet honey the Blackland Prairie Wildflower honey is also avaliable.  


The honey is sorced from trusted providers in the Heart of Texas, then the fine folks at Lone Star Bee gently warm the honey at low tempatures to perfectly infuse the fresh ingredients.  The low tempatures allows the honey to retain all of its important healthy enzymes, vitamins, and nutritional value.  


Honey does not go "bad" as many foods do; it remains wholesome after decades. - Eva Crane, "A Book or Honey" 

Honey crystallization is a natural process by which honey turns from liquid to a semi-solid state with granual composition.  Crystallization is actually a good thing - it means you have a pure honey product that still contains all of honey's natural nutrition.  At room tempature, crystallizationcan begin within weeks or months.  Fortunatly, there are several relatively quick and easy remedies should your honey crystallize.  You can either use a heated pad or hot water to help decrystallize your honey.  Regarless of the method be sure not to over heat the honey by exposing it to tempatures grater than 120F.  If using heating pad wrap the bottle tight and set it on a low to medium setting.  Check it every 30 minutes or so until the honey re-liquefies. If using water, you can place your bottle into a container of hot water no greater than 120F.  Make sure the water line is above the level of honey but below the lid.  Let the bottle stand in the hot water, stirring the honey occasionally, until the honey re-liquifies.  You may need to add more hot water to the container.  Do not microwaver honey products while in the plastic bottles. 

Lone Star Bee Honey

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