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The La Casita tradition started in the kitchen of Emilia Salinas near the Mexico border in San Benito, Texas.  Emilia, gave her kitchen traditions to her daughter, who passed them down to her daughter, Veronica, who todays shares those traditions with you.  


We carry two of her hot sauces at Defaid Emporium, the Esmeralda's Verde Tomatillo, and the Smoky Vaquera Tomatillo.  Both of these salsas have a heat level similar to a medium recipe, unlike red salsas this tomatillo blend does include onions to add sweeness to help balance the tang of the fresh tomatillo.  They are the perfect blend of green tomatillos and serrano peppers, the difference in the two is the Smoky Vaquera has just a hint of smoke. 



La Casita Salsas

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