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You've heard about it, you've seen it, and now we have it!

"Get up and get after it!"

FREE REIN is the coffee company in San Angelo, TX owned by Cole Hauser (aka Rip Wheeler) and company.  We currently carry 6 of the 8 flavors and can get the other two if requested. 

12 count boxes

Here is the info for the 6 we carry: 

PROSPECT: Light Roast, but make no mistake, that lightness masks a kick that’ll have you swinging a proverbial pickaxe long after everyone else has hung it up for the day. It’s a 100% Arabica blend, smooth and full flavored, with a sweetness that masks its strength. If your favorite thing about a new day is its potential, this is the coffee to get you started.

HOMESTEAD: Medium Roast. This is your comfort coffee. Your “back home after a long journey” coffee. Your “I’m grateful we’re all here together” coffee. A 100% Arabica blend, smooth, full-flavored finish, it’s the cup to sit around the kitchen table or campfire and talk dreams, tell stories, and share a joke with. No homestead is complete without it.

AMERICAN DIRT: Dark Roast. This is the coffee Cole Hauser drinks. It’s a dark roast, full-bodied, 100% Arabica blend. Brewed for people who are serious about the coffee they drink, and even more serious about what they do after they drink it. So if you’re the kind of person who knows that all dreams start down in the dirt, and are willing to get down there and get dirty for them, then this is your blend.

MESTENO: 100% Columbian Supremo

BRANDED: Spiced Roast 100% Arabica

TEXAS PECAN: Seasonal Blend

Free Rein Coffee Kcups

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