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Defaid Emporium is the general store and supply house for Defaid Livestock Company, where we sell not only their lamb meat and private labels but Go Texan and Texas-made goodies from across the Lone Star State.   

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Tuesday - Friday 10:30-5:30

Saturday 12:00-3:00

1908 37th Steet

Snyder, Texas 79549

Family Owned & Operated 

Defaid Emporium is one of three companies in the Defaid Family.  The dream started with the sheep operation Defaid Livestock Company and has expanded from there making way for Defaid Emporium and Defaid Candy Company.  

Support Texas Agriculture. 
Buy Texan. Go Texan.

All of the Defaid family of companies are pourd Go Texan memember.  Encouraging our customers to always support Texas agriculture by finding the mark that matters. 

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