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Bentley's Batch 5 Bloody Mary Mixes are a worcestershire-based barbeque Bloody Mary.  They are zesty and bold and pair perfectly with your choice of Vodka or Tequilla.  They can also be mixed with a beer for a unique Texas Michelada or used by itself for a Virgin Mary.  

Plus: It can be used as a marinade!  It pairs wonderfully with our Defaid Red Meat Seasoning, Defaid Pepper Sauce and our Lone Star Bee Fiery Hot Honey. 

Comes in two sizes and two flavors. 

Reserve has some spice, but not a tone. 

Hot has some extra heat, but not over the top. 

Bentley's Bloody Mary Mix

SKU: 762988997818
$9.00 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
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