Same Bentley's BBQ Bloody Mary Mix you love now comes in a smaller bottle!

Perfect for two drinks!

12 fluid ounces.


Bentley's Batch 5  Barbecue Bloody Mary Mixes are bold with a zesty flavor that’s rich and tangy. It pairs perfectly with the Vodka or Tequila of your choice. Mix it with beer for a unique Texas Michelada. By itself, it makes a great Virgin Mary. It’s made with Harold's dad's secret, Worcestershire-based barbecue sauce that he started making in 1954. After they began selling his sauce, friends told Harold it would be great in a Bloody Mary, and they were right. They came up with a recipe that proved to be so popular they decided to bottle the mix. It comes in a Reserve, allowing you to add your own heat if desired or hot.  Not only does it make a great Bloody Mary, this is also the base for our Defaid Marinade. 

Bentley's BBQ Bloody Mary Mix for Two